Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Word From The Editor. . .

Please allow us to introduce ourselves... we are men of (some) wealth and (lots of) taste. Old Nick Magazine was created for the forgotten man... the man who longs for the time of the genuine gentleman with a dark bent. The sophisticate who demonstrates manners and grace in every circumstance whether he's at a formal affair or a ball game.

We're here for the man who opens doors for women, who prefers wine to beer and may not always order one, but knows what ingredients make up a fine, dry martini.

We're here for the man who loves women with curves, and who feel, smell and act like women. We love to be teased, but ladies, please deliver the goods! Welcome all you who are rogues, libertines and voluptuaries at heart.

You may ask, why the name Old Nick? Isn't that another name for the Devil? Well, yes it is, but we believe that every man has a little bit of the devil in him. It's the naughty little boy spying under his teacher's dress. It's the adolescent prankster. It's the silver tongued young stud charming the panties off of his girlfriend. It's the still horny husband buying his wife XXX videos, and it's the dedicated father who tells all of those little lies to his friends and family that make them feel better about their lives. You see, we think that Ol' Lucifer is a gentleman at heart, who, well... kinda got a bad deal and never quite recovered. He got pissed but was, and still is, the inspiration for most of the delicious naughtiness that makes life so very, very interesting. Without Old Scratch, Lucifer, Beelzebub... Old Nick... men would be very, very boring. After all, he tempted Eve into doing the nasty... and what fun we've been having ever since!!

We think the devil didn't create evil and doesn't necessarily do evil... he's got a bad rap. He allows man to do bad things, and if man is stupid enough to try, and not think he'll suffer the consequences, well, so be it. You know what? Mankind will do evil anyway, whether or not they believe they're God fearing and moral and convinced they'll go to Hell. In the back of every man's mind he's thinking he won't pay the price and maybe Hell's not such a bad place after all!

So sit back and enjoy Old Nick... an admittedly different type of website and magazine. And oh yes, there are pictures of naked women... just to tempt you to join. We think you'll enjoy the refreshing look at this package of devilishly good entertainment. We want you to relax and savor this experience as you would a fine wine, a juicy steak, a seasoned cigar, or a voluptuous woman. We liken reading Old Nick to what Al Pacino said in the film The Devil's Advocate... It's the feeling you get the first time you step into a strange woman's bedroom.



Editor & Publisher

Old Nick Magazine™

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